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Brand story

It’s no mystery that the world has woken up to Indian fashion - the colours and the artistry combined with the delicately woven fabrics, seen on the catwalks all the way to the streets of everyday life. The traditional is merging with a renewed sense of pride. This is what defines the country’s style icons, the weavers and hand craftsmen and the designers, who showcase in international arenas, making up the essence of Desi fashion.

Khadi as a fabric was originally propagated as the mainstay uniform of choice in the fight for freedom, and Mahatma Gandhi became its uncrowned ‘brand ambassador’. For the young urban Indian this fabric and its clothes were never made accessible in their hearts or even considered remotely cool, due to it’s styling and design.

But what if the missing element of style was brought into the mix? What if a new sense of identity was created for a fabric that is actually a blessing to the country’s climatic conditions, but has been left out in the sun to dry and fade away into history? What if it could enhance the experience of who you are rather than what you do when you don* it? (*don - put on (an item of clothing))

And so – a high dose of Indian tradition thrown in with stylish western design -and out comes ‘Red Sister Blue.’

A brand born with a vision to see Khadi as part of the urban culture, a part of the jeans-clad, iPhone gen-next urbanites’ style.

Red Sister Blue understands your modern day sensibilities and has created a fresh and funky high-street style of clothes from Khadi. A brand that echoes who you are, that walks along with you stride for stride; understanding both the old and the new with an eclectic fusion of style and culture.

Red Sister Blue is about sisterhood. It’s about girls in shorts on bikes turning heads. It’s about daring to be sexy. Woman who know what they want and aren’t afraid to go out and get it. A celebration of femininity and freedom.

Red Sister Blue has that versatility, that ‘pep’, to make it into your ‘cool wardrobe’ statement.

It has “the weave for your verve”!


Originally from Varanasi, Nanda moved to Mumbai to pursue her acting career and worked with fashion companies. This all paved the way for her to expand into an entrepreneurial space, and share her vision with the world.

Nanda’s love for Khadi has its roots in her childhood. What was a family tradition - she grew up seeing her grandfather and father wearing it – became a childlike curiosity and then a fascination, beckoning her to explore more. Soon she was in love. The look, the feel, the way it seemed it had been made ‘especially for you’. She began to experiment with different colours and styles. Over time, the habit of wearing Khadi became a choice, a choice she would not let go of, even though it was considered ‘way too simple’ or ‘limited’ in terms of style and design by her peers. She chose to think beyond this limited perception, and with the help of a sketch pad and a tailor, she was able to turn her ideas into a reality.

Since the industry built around Khadi was quite traditional in it’s approach and perception, it somehow was unable to appeal to or fulfil the demand of the average sixteen year old in a fast-paced developing metro city. There existed a big gap, which she was aware of, and she got to thinking ‘wouldn’t it be great if there could be pants, shorts, dresses, skirts and tops made out of Khadi?’ She mulled over this idea for quite some time and also discussed with her father, who was an ardent fan of Khadi fabric, and had watched her unfolding journey with it. Then she met her business partner Michael, who not only encouraged her, but showed enthusiasm for the idea.

“Our aim is to bridge the gap and to change perceptions. Up until now, Khadi fabric is seen in a very traditional look, associated with politicians, social workers or some kind of government employees. Another misconception that exists is that Khadi is a luxury, only for the elite class, inaccessible to everyone else”

- Nanda (Founder and Director)

Michael Grobe

Michael has been working at the forefront of cinematography and visual effects for two decades for many Hollywood blockbusters, Bollywood extravagances and commercials around the globe.

His career took him from Germany to England, the United States, Eastern Europe, New Zealand and India. Michael’s passion for photography and his creative eye lend themselves well to the world of fashion and style and he has been very much inspired and influenced by the Indian culture, which he calls his second home for a few years now.

“It’s an Indian fabric, which is loved the world over, and we want to make it accessible so that everyone can enjoy it. Why should anyone have to compromise style to have comfort? Why can’t we have both? With Red Sister Blue we are mixing tradition with today’s style”

- Michael Grobe (Founder)